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There are several accounts that you will need to establish/access during your time as an Oakland student.

  1. Get your Grizzly ID number

  2. If you know your Grizzly ID, but not the PIN, you can reset your PIN.

  3. If you know your email, but not your Grizzly ID, log in to SAIL. Then go to Student Services & Financial Aid > Registration > Student Schedule by Day & Time. Your Grizzly ID is located at the top, right hand corner of any class schedule screen, next to your name.

  4. If you absolutely can't get into the SAIL system, ask for assistance from the Computer Helpdesk at (248) 370-HELP or helpdesk@oakland.edu.

  5. If you have your Grizzly ID and SAIL PIN, you can sign up for an OU email account. You'll be asked to choose an email password on this page. This will not change your Grizzly ID or SAIL PIN.

  6. Once you have an OU email account, you can sign up for an Illiad Interlibrary Loan account.

  7. If you signed up for an OU email account before, but have forgotten your login name, you can find this information in the SAIL system, under "Personal Information". If you know your login name, but have forgotten your password, you can reset your email password.

  8. Stop by the library Circulation Desk with your Spirit (ID) Card and activate your Kresge Library account.

Important Note: Your Grizzly ID is the most important of your OU accounts. It can be used to access bills, grades, etc. as well as reset most other OU accounts. Make sure you know your Grizzly number and SAIL PIN, and keep them secret. Never share this account information with anyone.

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